ДИЗАЙН: How to make Wafer Paper Gold Wreath and Monogram Cake Design 2021

How to make Ruffles: https://youtu.be/5plaGPkJup4

In this tutorial, you will learn how to color wafer paper gold without any frustration, how to cut and shape flowers. Also, I will teach you how to paint and transfer a monogram and arrange a wafer paper flower wreath on the cake.
If you do not have a craft punch, you can cut flowers, using my free template here: https://astashkinacakes.com/saracino/

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Wafer paper conditioner recipe: https://astashkinacakes.com/recipe
How to make Wafer Paper Butterfly: https://youtu.be/tNfJeMufAjk
How to make Wafer Paper Orchid: https://youtu.be/g0qIj1voLHQ
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Rolkem Gold Dust (non-toxic)
Edible gold dust from https://www.thesugarart.com

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Hi! I’m Anna Astashkina and I’m the owner and creative mind behind Astashkina Cakes https://astashkinacakes.com/. I’m an award-winning cake designer and sugar artist known for my elegant modern painted cakes featuring realistic floral arrangements created in edible media. Want to work with me? Email at hello@AstashkinaCakes.com

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  1. Super useful! I’d love to know where did you get your monogram design/font? And why did you colour the other size completely in pencil marks? Wouldn’t it transfer to the cake and make it messy?

  2. Do the wafer sheets dry after applying the oil paint? Tfs. They look beautiful!

  3. Anna absolutely amazing tutorial ❤

  4. I really learned a lot from you ❤️🌹

  5. Thanks ,how do you make wafer paper spikes on cake.Watching from Nairobi ,Kenya.

  6. This is what I call a beauty 🌷like it, is the perfect detail that we look for a cake…

  7. Very helpful video
    You are talented

  8. It’s just beautiful! Your so talented….thank you…love it!❤️

  9. Thank you for clear explanation

  10. Beautiful work thank you so much

  11. A rich fuchsia color 😍

  12. I love your tutorials! I have two questions:
    1) Have you ever painted on buttercream? If so is there a different tutorial?
    2) I thought lead pencil was toxic. is this a different type of pencil?

  13. Absolutely beautiful!

  14. Superb ❤️… Love it 😘

  15. Can v use golden drip to colour wafer paper?

  16. …wundervolle Arbeit werde ich auf jeden Fall ausprobieren 👍🤗

  17. Great tutorial! Thank you so much!!!

  18. Thank you. It is so pretty and easy technique.

  19. You explain so well. Thank you! What kind of oil do you use? Something like vegetable oil or fragrance oil like rose oil?

  20. What brush did you use for the monogram?

  21. Beautiful ❤️ Thank you Anna 😘

  22. I’m going to try rose gold! Thanks. I love your videos

  23. Anna you never fail to surprise us!! Loving it. @sprinklez is nothing without you. Will make it in pink soon.

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