МЕНЕДЖМЕНТ: 10 HABITS you NEED to start as a UNI STUDENT! 2021

10 habits I’d recommend trying to implement into your life at uni to maximise your time 🙂

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0:00 intro
1:16 budgeting
3:41 meal planning
5:26 money saving
6:22 diet
7:15 to do lists
7:41 routine
8:38 extracurricular
9:47 work/life balance
10:37 exercise
11:33 wider research
12:36 outro

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How old are you? — 19 (my birthday is the 26th April!)
Which university do you go to? — University of Leeds
What do you study? — BA Business Management
Which A levels did you take? — English lit, biology & history

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Intro made by the wonderful Laura Medley:

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  1. Really good advice Lydia! 💞

  2. TYSM for this video. im currently a first year student and this has helped me so much !!!

  3. The money😂
    Great video Lydia!!! Love the editing! 💛

  4. 100% agree with what you said in your intro! A huge part of uni is definitely learning from your experiences, good or bad, to help you in the future. Don't know about anyone else but this term has flown by 😂😂

  5. OMG a big YES to that first step, i thought i was the only one who did this exact thing <3

  6. Thank youu for the video 😍 will be getting A level results this year and hopefully will be joining Uni in Oct. It came at the right time. Lots of love from Mauritius ❤️

  7. this is SO helpful! thank you!

  8. with budgeting, my entire loan goes on my rent! So painful to do that payment!

  9. Leeds finsights will definitely check it out.

  10. I would love a video all about student finances. As the first person to be going to university, my parents haven’t got much of an idea how much spending I’ll be doing weekly e.g. food shop, going out and just living. So a video of this would be great x

  11. Lovely video gorgeous love you lydia i loved all the ideas ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  12. Saving for September ! 😁😁

  13. You are so gorgeous!

  14. Wow u are looking lit here Lydia…lots of love to u 💕

  15. Boots do 6 months of A-Z multivitamins for £9, plus you can get 10% student discount

  16. I'm not even a uni student (or any kind of student) but I just love your vids and you help me feel more motivated 🙂 x

  17. Big fan of this editing👌🏼👌🏼

  18. Me watching this as a senior

  19. if you want to save even more money on food then meal prep and have the same food for lunch and tea for a week, saved me loads of money and a lotttt of time

  20. Aye aye captain!!
    Will follow ur advice 💮 😆❤️

  21. this is incredibly helpful!!

  22. Love the video Lydia! Just a question, what software do you use to create your thumbnails?

  23. Hey Lydia, hope you are well having a lovely weekend I’m good and well thank you good morning love this 10 habits to become a university student video. I have really enjoyed this video because it made me feel happy for me to become a lovely person all the time. I feel it is really important to think about how do university students meal plan and become more organised and productive at university. I found that if I make a plan for myself I become more organised, productive and happy for my week at home. If I am more productive and happy my week goes well, happy and better positive as well at home. I get so happy and excited when I have new videos from you every Saturday morning 10am by the way I really enjoyed all of your videos so much in particular your day in the life weekly week in my life chatty updates university study with me get productive with me videos and all of your other university videos on the weekend Saturday mornings. Can we see more what I eat in a day as a student study with me get productive with me day in the life weekly vlogs university day in the life morning and evening night routines videos and lots more inspirational motivational Easter spring videos coming from you soon. Take care stay safe and well. Have a lovely weekend and nice week. See you next Saturday morning 10am with a new video as well.😊🎈🦋🎉🎁☃️🎂💐🐝🎄🌷🌹🌸❄️🌼🇹🇷🐰🌺🦓🥀🦌⭐️☀️👸🐇🐣🌻🌈

  24. this video is very useful! You've done a great job and very well-said. and yes love this video! ✨✨

  25. Amazing video 🤥😳

  26. okay but the editing in this video is top tier! the handwriting, the visuals, the colours,✨immaculate✨

  27. I’m off to uni in September so this is super helpful!! Thank you so much Lydia🥰can’t believe you’ve almost finished second year, time flies!! Xx

  28. oh and did I forget to mention that I really really like your editing in this video so aesthetically pleasing!! x

  29. What's the song in the intro, I love it?! Loving this video Lydia 💞

  30. brown color is definitely lydia's recent favorite color it matches your vibe so well x

  31. Going to Uni next year! & I'm grateful for this video 😭😂😂❤

  32. Hey Lydia, how are you? My friend has recently started her Disney Channel. I would be so Thankful If you will give comment on her channel. I can share the link with you.
    Thank you ❤
    BTW, You are looking Absolutely Adorable!

  33. Thank you lydia. This is very helpful for students out there. And that's why you are so successful and you are really great. Thank you for sharing this with us. Hope you are having a great day.

  34. Love the video and I'm just 4 seconds in 😂

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