ДИЗАЙН: RAPID Logo Design Concepts in 30 Minutes! (Start to Finish) 2021

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— Today, we’re stepping into the world of identity design, where I’m going to challenge myself to create a logo for a business that I know NOTHING about prior to recording. Follow along.. Here are the steps…

1. Type «Random number generator» and put 1 for min and 112 for max. Generate your random number.
2. Visit: https://blog.sagipl.com/mobile-app-ideas/ and your app idea is the random number.
3. Come up with a name.
4. Create 3 logo design concepts within 30 minutes.
5. Share with me your results: http://twitter.com/designcoursecom #rapidlogodesign

Let’s get started!!

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  1. Try it out as well! Then share your results with me on twitter #rapidlogodesign

  2. Your hand in thumbnail looks like this 🍗

  3. All three logo design concepts are very good. When you drew book pages illustration I thought it's for K letter.

  4. Watching you from start to finish helps with the imposter syndrome

  5. I like B00kaudit :p

  6. Hey please create more gsap tutorial

  7. The hairstyle looks awesome!!

  8. i'll watch it later cuz i'm on the go but already liked it like alwasy lol

  9. What is wrong with your hand on thumbnail?

  10. How about 30 seconds challenge?

  11. I know nothing about creating logos so these concepts are super helpful. Love your content. I learn so much as a developer. It honestly makes me better because it makes me look at app design differently. Much love and respect as always Gary. See you soon!

  12. Shortest 29:19 minutes of my life. Need more of this

  13. i genuinely enjoying you're idea of challenging at the same time fun design challenges i really enjoy your content and learning a lot from at the time. Thank you for being such a entertaining content creator/ teacher : ) ♥

  14. i love how the actual first comment does not say first

  15. First comment — Designed my logo successfully. Great video

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