ДИЗАЙН: Plastic wrap nail design (it looks like a popsicle) #shorts #nails #nailart 2021

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#nails #nailart #polygel #gelnails #acrylicnails #nailhacks #nailpolish #satisfying #oddlysatisfying

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  1. Can you do Snapchat logo?👻

  2. Can you make red and black plzzzzzz

  3. Orange peel nails pleaseeee

  4. Can you pleasure do Alexa bliss

  5. Could you do your nails with honeycomb? (I don't know if that would work but then again you did your nails with onion peel so it might work lol).

  6. If a person responsible your help in any case

  7. Can you pls do one more with a panda?

  8. How to make rose nail 💅

  9. I know this sounds weird but make it with shoelaces please

  10. Can you please do your nails with lipstick

  11. :000 Beeutiful!!!🌈🌈🌈🥵

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