ДИЗАЙН: Beautiful Small Living Rooms, New Design Ideas 2021

Would you like to have your small living room refurnished and redecorated? Or do you strive to give it a new and modern look?
Maybe this video can help you and gives you inspiration to design exactly the living room you want to create. Here you will find more than smart and creative ideas for a small living room.
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Camera: Cody Harris
Narrator: Lulu Stamate
Editor and Producer: Grig Stamate
Background music: Royalty-free music by Epidemic Sound

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  1. Your video is enough for us.
    No more naration, please…

  2. the videos that pass on your channel are super cool and very beautiful; but the last ones that I have seen do not enlarge me so much why there is a voice explaining. if the image alone is worth a thousand words. Do not do it please

  3. really beautiful elegant and perfect

  4. Thankyou for speaking it gives us more ideas how we can put together our rooms . Greetings from Puerto Rico.

  5. No talking please! I love to watch your video decorations with the music background!

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