ДИЗАЙН: 3D Abstract Design in Adobe Photoshop | 3d Extrusion, Gradient Map ,Ellipse tool | Graphic Design 2021

In this episode, we will create an Extrude Abstract design using the 3D Extrusion option in Adobe Photoshop. We will create out Two different designs, For the 1st one we will be using circular ellipse tool. For the second design we gonna use shapes, we will use pen tool to draw out the shapes. And then use the 3D Extrusion option and some of the attributes to create out the design. In this tutorial we will understand how you can create some cool abstract design using basic shapes like ellipse, or any complicated shapes like, rectangle, polygon or Draw it out using the pen tool any random shape. So check out the video to watch the full in-depth process.

01:55 Design 01 | Abstract Design Process
02:27 Creating out Circles using Ellipse Tool
04:22 Applying 3D Extrusion
05:20 Understanding Attributes under 3d Extrusion panel
12:45 Applying Gradient colour to the Design
13:00 Applying material to the extruded shapes
20:32 Doing Lighting Adjustment ( Infinity Light )
22:09 Design 02 | Abstract Design Process
22:48 Draw out shape using Pen Tool
24:05 Applying 3D Extrusion to the shape
24:21 changing the colour of the object
25:57 Deforming the shape according to our design
28:54 Removing the Drop Shadow
30:03 Adding Gradient Map to the 3d object

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  1. I just discovered your channel, and I love all of your tutorials — Thanks for creating such great content! I am running into an issue with the 3D extrusion tool, and I am hoping that you can help. After I create my shape and click extrude, my extrusion depth is very limited. It maxes out at 8.333 inches no mater what my file dimensions are or resolution is. In the video, it looks like you are able to extrude your shapes much further than I am. Do you know why I am running into this limitation? Is there something in my file setup or preferences that I need to change? There is not a lot I can do with the short forms I am getting, and I would love to make longer extrusions for better compositions and configurations. Thanks!

  2. Cool Photoshop Design Skills… and awesome video!

  3. wow, do more man ! love it

  4. what photoshop are you using ! & i guess you need a powerful graphic card

  5. Advance tutorial useful..

  6. wow this is a great video I did not know that was possible to do in photoshop definitely great I will try it too see if ic an do it thank you so much for sharing this content!!1

  7. Thanks for videos!!! They are really helpful

  8. Wow great, I was looking for more 3d elements for my ui designs, and my computer can't handle Adobe dimensions lol

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