ДИЗАЙН: MTG Design | Knight of the Ebon Legion | Recurring Insight Ep. 7 2021

Patrick Sullivan analyzes the history and design of one of MTG’s premier 1-drops — Knight of the Ebon Legion!

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  1. Hi Patrick, could you talk a little bit about Goldspan Dragon?

  2. I would be interested to hear about shark typhoon. I think it is a solid recent design.

  3. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

  4. A card cycle that I grew up with and used back in the day (with people hating me) were the Circle of Protection enchantments. Would love to hear your thoughts on that design!

  5. You forgot one of the best pieces of this design… the typing. It straddled 2 standard environments—one where the Vampire was important into the next with Knight themes.

  6. Leaving Abrupt Decay here because I'm very interested to hear what you might have to say about it. I'm not sure if you've seen my suggestion yet, and if you have, you can like(starcity) or comment that you saw it and I can stop suggesting it and engage with the algorithm in another way. Thanks for the content.

  7. I'm surprise it's not a green card.

  8. patrick says throw comment, i throw comment

  9. One of my favorite cards to play in standard and modern was Lingering Souls, but I find it hard to articulate exactly why it delivers so much, would love to hear your thoughts on it!

  10. I really like Burning Earth and would love to know if you think the design is okay or if it misses.

  11. A video where I'm greeted by a dude in a muscle shirt who looks like he has just fallen out of bed is not really inviting…. :-/

  12. patrick is the only reason i watch scg tournament footage. his commentary, play pattern knowledge, and personal stories add much needed insight and value to livening up what can sometimes be boring footage. vibes well with cedric but patrick and patrick is fire! i would like your thoughts on different cards that don't seem good at first glance or appear disadvantageous but are overpowered and why they are so. few examples would be goblin guide, city of traitors, dark confidant, force of will, dismember, eidolon of the great revel, bridge from below, thoughtseize, bitterblossom, smallpox, innocent blood, fireblast, entomb, adnauseum, etc. views into card types, mechanics analysis, and archetypes would be awesome as well, such as ritual effects, counter spells, burn spells, growth spells, life gain, mechanics such as lifelink, menace, first strike, hexproof, or decks like reanimator and why they choose the creatures like tidespout tyrant, grave titan, and so forth. thank you

  13. This was a really good one, and I'm not just saying that because of the Durant jersey! We haven't had any Planeswalkers yet, might be interesting to hear about a Walker that Patrick thinks is decently designed (if such a thing exists).

  14. Death’s shadow would be pretty sweet

  15. Banishing Light would be cool to hear about as it perfectly captures white removal, including that it's not very good.

  16. I would like to hear your thought's on Death's Shadow

  17. Great episode PSully. Going along with eldraine, I would love to see you take on the topic for the design of Adventure cards. I think we could possibly use a card like Brazen Borrower or Bonecrusher to use as a jumping off point. I am curious where you sit on the design of those cards. Cheers!


  18. please talk about Liliana of the Veil

  19. I’d love to hear you complain one more time about how knight of the Reliquary is an 8/8 and still not attacking when an opponent is at 12 or so. One of the things I miss the most about legacy coverage.

  20. Patrick's collection of throwbacks is impressive.

  21. Deaths shadow has a lot of nuance to it on top of being topical at the moment.

    Force of will also seems like it would be a fun one to have discussed.

  22. Suit in the streets, sleeveless sports jerseys in the sheets

  23. I would love to hear your thoughts on the evolution of rituals in magics history. From the original black ones "Dark Ritual", "Cabal Ritual", ("Song of the Damned", "Culling the Weak", "Burnt Ofering", "Sacrifice") to the newer red ones "Seething Song", "Desperate Ritual", "Pyretic Ritual", ("Infernal Plunge", "Brightstone Ritual", "Battle Hymn", "Geosurge") "Irencrag Feat".

  24. Thanks for another video! And the sweet Supersonics jersey

  25. My biggest issue with this card is it just flat out doesn’t FEEL black to me. I cannot think of a time black got an unconditional boosting effect like this, much less on a creature with aggressively costed stats that also grants a potent keyword AND snowballs. Not to mention it can kinda be an effect that leads to nothing happening. I feel like it should have been +3/+0 and DT that way it can’t just stonewall both red removal and most creatures.

  26. Lands that tap for more than one mana, Khight of the reliquary, elvish visionary

  27. Have you ever done Fatal Push?

  28. Id love to see you talk about elspeth conquers death or another important saga

  29. Would love to see something on a couple of my favorite cards: Hornet Queen or Deadly Recluse

  30. Would love to hear you talk about spellstutter sprite

  31. Maybe an episode on Rancor or some other appropriate aura/creature augmentation

  32. I’d like to see an episode(s) going over the differences between some of the various cantrips and what pushes some over the line, and the ways in which they impact constructed environments.
    e.g. faithless looting, brainstorm, opt, serum visions, ponder, preordain, etc.

  33. Just a minor critique, I do not need to hear 2x within the first 35 seconds your name and what is this (reccuring insight). Sorry just feels annoying to my mind.

  34. I'd love to hear a synopsis of Aether Vial if you wouldn't mind doing so!

  35. Your commentary and card evaluation is my favourite part of live coverage.
    If I had one item for you to talk about is the difference between elspeth conquers death vs the eldest reborn and why one was more heavily played in their respective standards.

  36. What a card… would love to see one on Sorin, imperious Bloodlord. I love that design

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