ДИЗАЙН: Destiny 2 & Warframe: Terrible Revolver Design? 2021

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Warframe and Destiny 2 both have issues with their revolvers — they make no sense and suck… OR DO THEY?

Forgotten Weapons videos on the topic:

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  1. if ur a destiny neckbeard and wish to leave a comment among the lines of "its not a revolver its a hand cannon" please do it under this pinned message so i can shadowban you more efficiently

  2. Holy shit, thanks to you I won't feel the same when shooting last word after seeing this. I never actually noticed it ejected casing

  3. what its that gun in warframe? i couldnt find any named mercy and forgiveness

  4. the weirdest part being that the bullet goes out, but you still eject the magazine afterward, making the system useless

  5. Doesn't Warframe have a magnetically levitating Sawblade as a gun? I think Destiny can get away with a custom built fan fire revolver.

  6. and not to mention that theres one that can hold 30 FUCKING ROUNDS

  7. but what about monster hunter's gun hammer?

  8. I think the cherry on top is that when you reload The Last Word you can see the shell casings in the speed loader that it should have already ejected?

  9. As a player of both. Yes I know it sucks.

  10. Damn, I wonder how this was never caught considering literally every hand cannon in destiny is a revolver apart from sturm.

  11. I'll never be able to unsee this now. Thanks.

  12. you forgot one
    and important thing , both of those games are in futurist and fantasist era story line , which mean they maybe have the revolver the way they want it be . is just games . when you stuck on small details like on this video , you not taking and understanding the games itself and go far away of enjoying them .

  13. The Last Word ejecting casings is a newer glitch, it didn’t used to do that.

  14. Destiny also has this reoccurring problem where on 6 o'clock revolvers, the hammer is still in the conventional 12 o'clock position. Additionally, the auto ejecting revolvers were trying to solve the problem of needing to manually eject every spent casing from the cylinder one by one, but this problem was eventually solved by swing out cylinders or top break revolvers… AND they typically don't eject the first round until the second is fired.

  15. Even in sci-fi, you gotta stay at least somewhat realistic. Big iron is cool, but it no work, therefore it suck.

  16. Wait what there's shell casings coming out of handcannons? How did I miss this?

  17. Shin Malphur was just an impractical guy.

  18. How DARE you question orokin engineering THAT'S IT, NOW YOU WILL BE TURNED INTO A CEP…

    oh wait nevermind.

  19. I mean in the games defence their space guns and not puny earthling guns.

  20. Shy's really convincing me that she's actually a gun enthusiast.

    Or just insanely OCD.

  21. Fuck you Shallow, now that you've shown me this small detail I never noticed, I can never use Last Word again…

  22. Oh, the ejecting casings in Destiny are bugs. Noticed it the start of this season. All the handcannons think they self eject now. Funny AF. The visual bugs aren't a priority though and unless it's something that causes people to do the Sponge, I don't think we can expect a fix for a while. It took an entire season for about 3 guns to get various fixes to their model, some including an entire loss of a red dot sight.

  23. But the last words vanilla ornament does not eject spent casings🥶

  24. Ngl I didn't actually notice that, I thought it was going to be a bit nitpicky like how ridiculously big destiny handcannons are in 3rd person, like dude, Last Word would shatter your wrist firing from the hip.

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