ДИЗАЙН: Gata RTA By QP Design — Love it!! 2021

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  1. http://unitedvapersalliance.org/



    Call the White house at (202) 456-1414 and make them hear our voices. Tell them you vape flavored eliquids, We Vape And We Vote and a Thank you.

    Contact your Governor https://www.usa.gov/state-governor

    D.C. Rally info .


    Join http://www.casaa.org/

  2. Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.

  3. I like this tank more than the Kayfuns. Only thing i don't like about it is the fill mechanism. It's janky and opposite direction than it should be. The press down and turn causes a bit of flood sometimes but flipping the tank over seems to solve that.

    Also the tips aren't interchangeable? Can't really see well enough to see whats going on with it.

    Running 28ga kanthal 7wraps 2.5mm 1.35ohm at 12-14w and it's great.

  4. Mike,, you have to work on MTL RTA .. we are waiting for

  5. What is the strength of flavor?

  6. Can anyone tell me where to get this one here? 3:46

  7. … Amazing! A Good Friend, bring me one of those. Certannly, for me, RTA type, fully opened 😂
    … I never do a QP, but this beco mes with the Friend Strongness, Flavour!

    Best Regards, from Portugal!
    João Pery de Lind

  8. I got it now. Love the looks. Love the taste. But that top-cap is straight out of hell. Took me an hour to get it unscrewed. No i dont manage to get it sealed again.
    I got RTAs from every range to 160 Euro over the years but in never experienced such a hustle with parts.

  9. Hate have it !!!! So I got it & its just as good as u say it is , thanx and cheers Mike ….stay safe out there !

  10. 20mg of nicotine!? 😱
    You are crazy…

    I always vape in MTL with organic tobacco, but I use just 6/8mg of nicotine and it is strong enough for everyone…

  11. You are very helpful thank you

  12. could I use a .45 coil with the mtl cap? might be a nice vape if its not too hot

  13. thanks for helping me with wicking this beast! you always have the best wicking tutorials

  14. Just got this in mailbox today. WOW! Flavor is a 10, wicking is a 10, Quality is a 10 in comparison to any other rta i have owned to date. I regret to say i have 2 cons. Extra flathead post screws i got 1 of them the flathead slot wasn't machined out enough to use and driptip gets hot above 35 watts. You can get a new driptip but will have to contact qp design to get a new set of post screws. I'm using in mtl mode. Defineately worth the money if you are looking to purchase.

  15. Can you use the mtl build with the glass tank not the plastic tank?

  16. Mike how would you compare the airflow on the direct to lung ?

  17. Is that better than the joggerknot mini?

  18. I love the shirt! Thx for the review on this rta. I wonder why qp didn’t choose to do a silicon fill plug on top for the mtl tank. I mean they could of done that easy like the disposable tanks have and then it would of been easier to fill.

    I would def use this for DLH b/c i prefer dL and that’s awesome that the airflow on it is like the intake single b/c i had that rta and its one of the best i ever had for flavor, so nice to hear this is similar.

    I’m wondering what that ultem piece is for on the deck. If I’m doing dlh, is it even needed?

  19. I don't know if mine is broken, but I can't close the topcap for the life of me.. It came closed, so I just believe that I do something wrong. The ultem was easy to remove, you just use "the barbie" screw driver it comes with instead of a knife.

  20. Im interested in trying this but i dont see it being a better mtl than my kayfun or tripod idk maybe its that good at restricted direct lung but thats what i like about the tripod. Its good at both. So saving up an getting it was better than trying 4 or 5 $40 or $50 rta's but i look forward to trying it out great review mike

  21. If I want to use it on DL , how long will i cat the coil in coil cater tool(without the insert)

  22. Mikey, do they give you 2 decks, or 1 deck and 2 caps?

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