ДИЗАЙН: Chad Shed 2 — Simple RUST 2×2 Bunker Base Design | 23 Rockets 2021

The Chad Shed 2 is cheap, strong, simple, 2×2 roof bunker base. It is targeted at for solos, duos, and maybe trios, who want to focus on playing the game rather than building.

The base revives the conditional roof bunker that was introduced in August 2020.


* Evil’s Rust Labs — RUST Roof Bunker PATCHED & Workaround: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYsuq6Bn5Ls
* Evil Wurst — How to Build my Standard TC Loot Room https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUPHrzekvAE

* BUILD: 3600 Stone, 8350 Metal Frags, 314 HQM
* UPKEEP: 574 Stone, 1640 Metal Frags, 50 HQM

RAID (most ideal raid path)
* RAID (TC & Main Loot): 23 Rockets

00:00 Conditional-Model Roof Bunker
01:24 New Roof Bunker
02:46 Chad Shed 2
04:18 Cost & Upkeep
04:26 Build Start
04:54 Starter Unit
06:06 Exit
06:58 Bunker
07:57 Attic
08:53 Airlock
09:43 Garage Doors
10:11 Honeycomb
10:46 Bunker Vulnerability
12:13 Upgrades
13:30 Item Placement
15:18 Outro

* Dusty Decks — Stone Cookies
* Jobii — Confiferous
* Dusty Decks — Soul Single Serenade
* Jobii — Rare Rocks That Look Like David Letterman
* Jobii — Pomelo
* Dylan Sitts — Closure
* Jobii — Togna




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34 комментария
    Am I the one who tested this base design, and roof sealing is not working ? I destroyed floor frame and two combined roofs stays in place. The right one is not destroyed.

  2. My god those door transitions… you should get a nut button for those transitions

  3. Idk what I did but my bunker won’t shut when the floor frame is broken

  4. Hey do u have to place the roof before u place the hatch frame or can u just place the hatch frame then the roof?

  5. Evil Wurst watch the bunker on my channel and tell me your opinion about it

  6. My favorite rust youtube channel by far! WE need more small bases. 🙂

  7. For some reason, the Low wall unbootable boxes are not working for me :/ I can't access them once I build the low wall as it changes how the roof works once you place the low wall. Any solution for this?

  8. Very beautifull addition Wurstman!

  9. Finally a solution ive been racking my brain of thing i can exploit so i can use the roof bunker again thankfully you uploaded man (Im a bit late doe XD)

  10. If the roof that forms the bunker is broken, is it replaceable?

  11. How could I protect the attic more

  12. I heard chad shed 2 into chad chad 2 :v

  13. can't you put shopfronts softside so it will give more space and you will fit research and box under it? im pretty sure it doesnt have a weak side

  14. What if they raid from the top ?

  15. Have you tried using the other roof? We use a bunker base that is still able to use this feature

  16. Isn't it too expensive for a 23 rockets only raid base? For 7.8k Metal 3.2k Wood 450k Stone and 241 HQM. You can build a 23 Rockets to TC/Main Loot Base. Is there other utility to building this base? I'm new here so don't judge me Wurst lol Here's the code if you wanna check it out and tell me the difference between the 2. Thanks! LEWLK9

    Edit: After doing some testing, your base is actually the best for 23 Rockets Raids. Thanks a lot!

  17. what happens when the flame turret breaks ur bags and now ur locked out too

  18. If you use triangle rooftop pieces on top of the honeycomb you can force raiders to have to go through 2 layers of roofing, assuming you lock your boxes. thanks to the overlap they will form a protective shell around your loot boxes

  19. They can raid from the top and use less rocket ???

  20. Bro no hate but everytime I use that base it’s easy raid

  21. im pretty sure this is patched

  22. Patched. Doesn't work anymore.

  23. finally a base i might actually wanna learn POGGERS

  24. Love the auto sealing feature!
    Last thing I want is a guy offlining me bc he just walked in

  25. hey, new player here, great video! what is the door you use? im asking about the red one with a window on the middle, is it a skin for sheet metal door? thanks!

  26. I'm not sure why the bunker is even necessary if the wall at the bunker entrance can be breached from the outside with 2-4 c4 and then the TC wall is exposed anyway. The bunker prevents a garage door from being placed at its entrance so if there was just doors instead of the bunker, it would be 4 garage doors to TC that costs 12 rockets instead of 13-14 you need to directly breach the TC wall. That's a difference of 1-2 rockets for the hassle of maintaining the bunker that I can turn into a furnace pit. Sure, they wouldn't have reached everything in the base but the most important loot is in the TC room anyway. Am I missing something or could this be right?

  27. Chads dont use bunkers

  28. ok here me out, four chad sheds facing each other with a 2×2 heli tower in the middle. sheds perfectly spaced out for a multi tc ultimate chad squad base

  29. Thank u so much i just finished building the base 😀 <3
    a quick question can i change the roof parts from sheet to hqm ?

  30. Petition for Wurst to make trap bases because he makes instructions on how to build all his bases really clear.

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