ДИЗАЙН: HOW IT'S MADE Car DESIGN — Making of The BMW Vision iNEXT 2021

BMW Vision iNEXT provides an insight into the future of personal mobility. The latest Vision Vehicle from the BMW Group symbolises the dawn of a new era in driving pleasure – and is celebrating its world premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show. #BMW #CONCEPT #ELECTRIC

Far more than a vehicle alone, the BMW Vision iNEXT represents a building block for the future of the BMW Group, encompassing technology, design and new ways of thinking that are set to filter through across the company and its brands. This is the first time all of the BMW Group’s strategic innovation fields – Autonomous driving, Connectivity, Electrification and Services (ACES) – have been incorporated into a single vehicle, while its design lends them visual expression (D+ACES) and offers a look ahead to the future face of driving pleasure.

Human-centred design.

Mobility is an intrinsic part of our lives, our experiences, our sensory beings. It is, in short, a basic human requirement. Consequently, deliberations about the future of mobility revolve more than ever around people, our emotions and our mobility needs and preferences. The possibilities offered by autonomous driving, electrification and ever-greater connectivity will in future open the door to completely new experiences and ways of shaping a journey by car. At the same time, they also promise to change our desires and lifestyle habits.

A boutique ambience on wheels.

Drivers will have ever greater freedom to decide how they wish to use the time spent travelling in a car. The design of the vehicle’s interior will become increasingly important, with the feel-good factor playing a more prominent role. The all-electric BMW Vision iNEXT has therefore been created as a mobile space that offers real quality of life and addresses the need for a new “favourite space” in which we can be ourselves and relax. The resultant design exudes emotional appeal and conveys a positive sensation when entering the vehicle.

The geometry of the iNEXT cabin is composed of just a few, clean-cut lines, placing the focus on materials and colours. A mix of cloth and wood creates the kind of sophisticated feel associated with furniture design, helping to give the interior its special “boutique” character. The inside of the car is awash with warm, welcoming colours, such as the shade Purus Rosé, Brown and Beige, while the shimmering metallic Mystic Bronze accentuates their effect. The rear compartment is dominated by the petrol-coloured Enlighted Cloudburst cloth upholstery with its intricate Jacquard weave, which runs asymmetrically across the seat area and extends into the side panelling and parcel shelf.

Smart technology – integrated out of sight.

Smart technologies will help people in an ever more unobtrusive way in the future. In the BMW Vision iNEXT, these technologies stay in the background and out of sight – hence the name Shy Tech – and are only deployed when needed or at the driver’s or passengers’ request. There is virtually no need for either screens or buttons. Functions can be operated using surfaces made of materials such as wood or cloth, like the Jacquard cloth upholstery in the BMW Vision iNEXT. Control of the vehicle is therefore tailored in every respect to the requirements of the people travelling in it.

The exterior: precision and clarity.

The exterior of the BMW Vision iNEXT is also brimming with innovations. The new BMW i design language is clearly visible with its striking lines and clear forms, including powerfully sculpted surfaces curved like muscles onto the flanks. The stunning Liquid Greyrose Copper paint finish, which gradually changes in shade from warm copper to dark rose, projects unbridled dynamism and gives the exterior still greater impact.

The BMW Vision iNEXT features a very modern take on the classical BMW four-eyed front end, complete with super-slender headlights, while cameras (rather than exterior mirrors) show what’s happening behind. The windscreen merges seamlessly into a large panoramic roof, providing a clear view of the car’s innovative interior making of

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  1. Holy hell thats ugly. Who approved that mostrosity.

  2. am sure this car has the lowest side crash safety

  3. oh nice Airo dynamics and why do u need the grill its electric

  4. Bmw needs to offer an alternative front end to this design at point of order for people who aren't blind.

  5. Unfortunately young man, this time you or your colleagues failed. Bmw always had special design and character, the unique balance of all values possible depends of era.
    But something is changed, things are not going in right direction. I can only hope , one day, the light will shine again on new models.
    P.s. please don't try to make me believe im wrong, cause I'm not.
    P.p.s I drive bmw before you were born 🙂

  6. it’s a really ugly design.

  7. thats just a great design , i which tesla and bmw teamed up

  8. At least you could drop down the software,you know as a leader got to set example to your fellowers,isn't that right.Don't you agree with me

  9. If a designer sketches on sticky pad amd makes presentation there is somethinng wrong for sure

  10. So this guy is responsible for all the terrible grill designs

  11. توقف عن العبث

  12. Yeah,this car moves my heart

    To the bad direction

  13. This is amazing , i like the idea of abstract forms and incorporation of long lost tech mixed with new age tech…as a posthumanunist designer Id put my money on this concept , and the 3D cad looks like Autodesk Alias ? . I guess everyone disliking this is not a designer.

  14. More complicated cars comes on a real world full of dust mud and bad roads, more practical less complicated. Can you imagine that car on a flood. Or stuck in sand. Or stuck on real car situations. Please be more serious.

  15. The futuristic notebook at 6:30… Does anyone know the technology 🙏🙏 #Reply

  16. i think bmw makea dumb cars like does stipid suvs i dont even like because its environmental maybe green leaf looking stupid cars they need to stop building them completely i think and build more like 8 7 serious cars my appinion

  17. for me i love shelby cobras ferrari testarosa is a bad ass car mustang cobras are niceeee nice super crazy i will pay 100 percent just to own a cobra collectable car mustangs GTs are cobra nice GM has nice cars too

  18. go look at big body mercedes benz e class go back to bmw 7 seriese ull be like what a hell but i stick sonetimes with bmw cause i own e39 and i worked for bmw cars are eazy and super nice to fix i think money making cars old e38 is a nice car i swear i love 740i il there the best cars ever bmw made i think x5 4.6 4.8i is nice too

  19. all about power horse power if u want a good car get mustang corvette even benz are awsome cars new Bentley new maybach is something breath taking cars ya 7 series are super nice looking cars but ill take benz over any bmw cars i swear no disrespect but benz is better car bmw aluminum garbage seriously bmw engine is good body sucks

  20. because lets be real look at audi look at GM cars are so damn good looking even ford does it good bmw only 7 8 x5 m3 m5 are good the rest are just what ever qualety wise sucks dash board sucks seriously ugly looking to me i had a x5 dash board qas ugly 4 cylinder turbo lol stupidddd

  21. Oh God, I just read all the negative comments. All the people who have never drawn anything more than a stick figure in their lives.

  22. bmw getting ugly day by day

  23. Horrible design.

  24. Thanks to designers like these, companies like BMW are losing their fans. They used to have designs that evoked emotion just by looking at them. All of that changed when BMW started messing around with new concepts back in mid 2000’s with their new design director Chris Bangle. BMW has been bangleized and it ruined their entire model line up. Now they’re coming around after almost a decade of soul searching. Their newer models are more reminiscent of the simple elegant designs they used to have but they will never again capture the emotions that their older models awakened in people. Now they design cars that look like runing shoes, with no emotion what so ever, as this designer clearly explained, simple without provocation. Someone at BMW is messing everything up. I often wonder how they come about making such terrible decisions, how can anyone look at these cars and think ‘yes, I really think this speaks our design language and people will love it’. I honestly think that design is not as much a part of making a car anymore for some companies, it’s all about the bottom line and what will sell with the public at the current time. Quite unfortunate.

  25. Ya exterior looks flat need work, but the tec in the interior is cool.

  26. 당신들 돈 많이 벌겠습니다.
    중요하고 스페셜한 원자재로 보입니다.
    가능성이 다양한 원자재 소재로 잘 발전 시켜 보시기를 바랍니다.


  27. This looks more like a serious Chinese rip-off!

  28. A BMW, que outrora tinha lindos carros, se perdeu e apresenta ao mundo essas aberrações! Enquanto isso, a Audi dá um show com a linha E-Tron!!! O E-Tron Cupê é simplesmente maravilhoso!

  29. Oh no. I need to look at e53 photos immediately

  30. How can you end up with a thing so bad looking.
    I mean you really have to put some effort in designing such a bad thing

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