ДИЗАЙН: UX Design — What is it? (From AJ&Smart) 2021

What actually is UX Design? What’s a useful definition of it that you can use if you’re looking for a UX design job, or if you’re just confused by the many descriptions of user experience on the internet!

AJ&Smart CEO and Co-Founder, Jonathan Courtney gives us a detailed breakdown of just what exactly UX Design is, and where it’s going in the next few years.

Breaking down job descriptions from leading silicon valley tech agencies and more localised job listings, we categorise the different roles and requirements expected of a UX designer going forward and how best to position yourself with the necessary skills and training to get a head-start in user experience design.

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  1. What questions do you have about UX design? Also… how does everyone really feel about Jon's neck scarf?

  2. enjoyed listening you , nice video cleared lots of thoughts

  3. Hi AJ,
    You are teaching a fantastic way with a more practical approach.

  4. Would you recommend interaction design foundation courses for UI design?

  5. Omg! Thanks for this video 🙏🏻

  6. Really helpful, thank you!

  7. As you said that you need to develop apps and websites , so Do a Ui/Ux designer needs to know coding too or development part will be assigned to back end developers ?.

  8. Man.. you have clarified me sooooo many things.. great video.

  9. I really enjoyed your vid, super basic and valuable information and if disentangled the field for me, I’d love to get an updated on for 2020! Thx.

  10. Great description for someone interested in a career transition into UX/Product Design (like me)! Thanks a mil!

  11. Wooahhhh, AJ predicted the future!!! Literally every company is looking for a Product Designer!!!!

  12. What are the solutions for stop or decrease drivers raping women inside uber? Why Uber or Lyft don't find a solution?

  13. Hi there,
    so i'm studying in an institute where i have to choose which discipline i'd want to study so, graphic design and product design but curriculum is completely different, in the sense product design course focuses on shape ,structure and working of the product. Considering the industry requirements which is a viable option? or would it matter as long as you're skilled in the category of work?

  14. If we have to do this things only why we should watch your video

  15. As a beginner shall i take up Adobe XD? Is it good for future employability?

  16. Thanks for the explanation on UX actually is! It seems that Product design gravitates more to ittiration. Isn't that the UI aspect? Does product design have more of an overlap with UI jobs?

  17. till what year of age according to you a graphic designer can work ? i mean as a career ? 65?

  18. Still waiting what is it

  19. So if I come from a quality control manufacturing background and I head off to UX bootcamp in a year, will I land a job? An internship? Anything? Or do I need a degree in something?

  20. As UX design is still new to me, this video helped me a lot! However I am still confused about the practical separation of UX and UI, are they 2 different jobs? For example where I live (Israel), all the job ads are looking for "UXUI designers" and they require knowledge of User Experience design as well as knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, and so on. On the other hand the course that I am doing right now focuses on UX only, building wireframes and research, and according to my mentor, my final portfolio shouldn't be in high fidelity, only full wireframes and page layout (in black and white). Is that what companies are looking for when searching for Ux designersproduct designers?

  21. Hi Guys! Great video as always! Just wondering if you would do a which Bootcamp is great for learning UX, UI vs going for a degree? That would be super helpful..infinitely helpful —Best

  22. That's really helpful bro! Thanks a lot!

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