ДИЗАЙН: 1948 GMC Pickup kindig-It Design 2019 SEMA Show 2021

Check out this video of the 1948 GMC Pickup that Kindig-It Designs had at the 2019 SEMA Show…The body is covered in a color that is hard to put your finger on..Kinda goldish Brown with a hint of pearl…It’s different but this 48 GMC Pickup from the 2019 SEMA Show wears it well….Wheels are always a personal choice and I’m good with the ones that that Kindig-It chose for this 48 GMC Pickup…Stance is king and they had this truck setting right at the 2019 SEMA Show…Nice and low..The interior is all custom and very comfortable looking and very fitting for this build..The bed floor is all custom…It’s black with chrome metal strips that form a unique design that I don’t ever recall seeing…Under the hood they have done some custom panel work that has cleaned up the engine compartment but not covered up the General Motors engine that powers this very cool custom 1948 GMC Pickup from the 2019 SEMA Show.. The Kindig crew knows how to build cool and this Hot Rod Pickup is no exception…I’m sure You will Kindig It….Check it out!!
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  1. That tail end is killer .

  2. Parni vi mogli bi podognat pik ap.. V Estonia.??

  3. Is that a 1959 impala dash?

  4. that truck probably a $250k to $300k

  5. The cab of this truck was Stretch 4”

  6. I think that is the truck that they stretched the cab on

  7. Scottie, you need to run a competition of people’s top 10 cars / trucks. Maybe have two categories? They have to match your choices, like a closest to the pin in golf terms. I will donate the price of say $2 grand. US .That’s about $40,000 Australian Dollars!!!! Maybe you can convert that to car parts or something like that. That would be very cool!

  8. In my top ten trucks you have shown Scottie…..beautiful!!!!

  9. I would love to have him my automobile done from me ,but if Iwas able to afford to pay him to my  4wd and  for the benefit of the handicapped who drives  as licences driver person can make a big differences of change of my life , super cool.

  10. Possibly the nicest pick-up truck on the planet — mouth watering in fact

  11. It's classy Scottie because it's a GMC!! Good find…..

  12. You are cool to have this career. It's not a job if you love what you do. You clearly represent yourselve as loving it. Mr. Kindigit… Is a funny dude in a good way..love watching the show.

  13. What color is the truck

  14. artisti si nasce, complimenti by ITALY

  15. Whewwwwwww. Just AWSOME 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks Scotty

  16. Just saw this on Bitchin' Rides recently. #cool

  17. Very attractive! Good job Scottie!

  18. Saw this on Kindig's TV show. This truck is spectacular!

  19. Watching that episode and the birth of this Exquisite timepieces truck was truly fabulous thanks for debuting it and showing the world kindig-it design

  20. Very beautiful just love the colour beautiful

  21. this is in the latest episode of Kindig's show. it is really something. LS3 with a cam crate.

  22. Sweet ride for sure. You were right Scottie, those were the door handles, you press the one end and the handle pops out. They're an aftermarket product, seen them before, but dont ask where to get them.

  23. Wow… I like that wrap around rear window.. that is wild… and I see those corvette style tail lights on the lower rear fenders… very nice! I almost thought the bed had a hump in it at first!

  24. Need more info before I go begging LOL! Thanks Scottie!

  25. I love the color, wheels and the interior, it's beautiful.

  26. I love the bed on this truck!

  27. They do incredible work.

  28. Nice truck they get it right all the time

  29. Quit posting things before it comes out on TV

  30. I love it 😍 the Gage's look like a 57 Chev and I dig how the exhaust comes out of the fenders.. thanks

  31. Please tell me you got footage of the burgundy camaro in back?

  32. Love the Impala dash. It's one of the better dash's Chevy did back in the day.

  33. Love the color & the wheels. Kindig are up there with ringbros as my top guys.

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