ДИЗАЙН: 1937 Chevy Hot Rod by Kindig-It Design—Presented by EmotiveDirect.com 2021


Kindig-It Design, based in Salt Lake City, UT has been customizing and restoring hot rods since 1999. The mastermind behind Kindig-It Design is legendary hot rod builder Dave Kindig. Over the years, Kindig’s name has become synonymous with over-the-top custom design, detail work and craftsmanship. Most recently, Dave and his team achieved celebrity status with the launch of their cable TV series Bitchin’ Rides currently airing on Velocity channel. During Season 1 (Ep. 4 Mile High Rod Run) the team reminisces over Cavallo Rossa and Dave explains “it’s because of this car that we’ve gone so far”.

At EmotiveDirect.com we’re proud to present this one-of-a-kind Kindig-It Design masterpiece. Listed below are the design and engineering highlights of this extraordinary vehicle. Words alone cannot describe how intricate this car is.

Design Highlights:

• 8in Stretched hood using original Hood Panels
• 3in Chopped Top (2 ½ in the back)
• Suicide Doors
• Hourglass Style Running Boards
• Bespoke Candy Apple Paint (paint by Dupont)
• Full Leather Tan Interior
• Widen Rear Fenders (1.75in)
• Custom V Rod Headlamps
• Fully Painted Custom Frame
• Billet Stiletto Wheels (18X7 front/20X10 rear)
• Mercedes Velour Carpet
• Custom Dashboard and Center Gauge Cluster

Engineering Highlights

• 496 Chevrolet Big Block Engine
• Hilborn Fuel Injection
• 700R4 Transmission
• Ford 9in Rear Axle
• Ceramic Coated Exhaust
• Ridetech Front & Rear Air Suspension w/Center Console Controls
• Wilwood Brakes

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  1. Funny how my aspirational vehicles come from the US of late.. Tesla, a Porsche by Singer and anything by Kindig It designs..

  2. Very nice indeed and the music is just as dope as the car

  3. I would take this over a Mercedes any day of the week. Regardless of cost.

  4. I don't say this often, but WOW that is a very well-kept car!

  5. ma scusate in italiano si dice cavallo rosso non rossa

  6. That is a piece of art. “Beautiful “

  7. Perfect in every way.

  8. If I ever hit the lottery these are the guys are going to build my custom 69 Camaro I love there show and work. 👍👏

  9. Круто сделано всё!🔥🤘👍🛠️🔩

  10. Is this car for sale ? How much ? I want that car !!!

  11. What doe this car cost to buy from a old disabled veteran 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🙏⛪️🤭 he his a great Builder of cars for your buck if you have the money 🤭🤭🤭🙏🇺🇸

  12. Perrisimo exelencia autodidacta e ingenieria👏👏👌👌👌

  13. I would have liked to see it in a better "lit" room. Would have been nice to "see" it "better". Possibly, shots of it outside in the "sun"? Shots in the "shade"?

  14. Master dave; the living legend

  15. I think that was a sweet ride but I never got see the car, just a shot at different spots ‼️ WTH.

  16. With higher profile tyres/smaller rims please.

  17. There's no one better if you want perfection this is it .

  18. Dave and his boys knocked another one out of the park. AWESOME

  19. Love the instruments. Did Kindig make it?

  20. The only thing I would change would be to use wood instead of chrome metal with holes in. So much better contrast to that warm leather. Other than that, WOW!

  21. Kevdog, u got the troops to build this monster? Well heck, they would anyhow. Love ur guys shop!

  22. Hot liquid love wrapped in very cool lines. Excellency on wheels, very nicely done. Thanks for sharing it with the world !

  23. Great work, but never showed full car!0

  24. I thought the Copper Copper Caddy was my favorite, or Blue Suede Shoes, but THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE DREAM CAR! Gorgeous! Don't have cable anymore so I hope to see more YouTube posts. Are you there KDawg?

  25. This car is the shit

  26. What an insanely gorgeous ride! Dave Kindig and his team create some really incredible world-class automotive porn!

  27. This is much prettier than Kevdawg,s face!
    LOL what a work of art! So talented!

  28. So many nice ways to resurrect a 37 Coupe. The one you show here is truly exceptional. I just filmed a sharp 1937 Chevy Coupe owned by Dennis Stanley in Chatsworth Ga Its already edited and on my page.

  29. Truly a work of art …a driving masterpiece…nothing like it

  30. Una auténtica obra de arte!! Congrats!!

  31. They do such incredible work!!!

  32. the red dragon has just been released.

  33. Absolutely incredible !! I love the dash. Amazing work of art !!

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